energy reading

I’ve been able to read energy ever since I can remember.

One of the first “knowings” I experienced was with my father, who struggled with alcoholism. Somehow, I knew early on that he wouldn’t live very long, though I couldn’t explain to myself or others how I knew it.

After experiencing several other knowings, I suspected they were not random, and yet, because no one validated them, I didn’t quite trust myself. I learned not to talk about these insights as they unnerved people. They unnerved me as well, especially when I considered my time with my father might be short-lived. And, unfortunately, I was right. He committed suicide when I was 11 years old.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I spent my childhood intensely observing relationships, seriously wanting to understand how the world worked. I noted people sharing how they felt and what they wanted but not behaving or acting in ways that supported those outcomes. Because so much didn’t make sense, I sometimes felt confused, isolated and just didn’t know how to safely proceed in the world.

I chose to match the prevailing model around me and hide myself from the world. I attempted to look and act like everyone else in order to be accepted, a role I continued to play well into adulthood. During this time, I graduated from college, married, had two children and became a teacher.

Eventually, though, I became exhausted using my life force to hold together my “normal” appearance. I no longer had the energy to doubt myself and pretend to create a happy life. Something was missing—a vital hidden part of myself, but I was unsure of my next step.

I desperately asked the Universe for help.

And the Universe answered, though it came to me from a reliable but unexpected source. I was teaching children aged 5 to 10, and, as strange as this may sound, they began to encourage me to leave teaching and start my own business.

They confirmed my own awareness that children being born now had new capabilities, and, that now, adults could profit more from my perspective.

Their knowing reminded me of my experience as a child, and I began to trust it. The children told me not to worry about starting a business, as it would all fall into place, as needed. My clients would find me. It was scary, but I trusted that too. I left teaching, divorced my husband and started in a new direction.

Turning Pain into Gold

I soon realized that I was already being supported in this new direction. I had found a clairvoyant training and ministry institute and was drawn there to begin classes. I practiced my clairvoyance at The Church of Divine Man in Berkeley, California, and The Aesclepion Healing Center in nearby San Rafael, and regained my confidence in reading energy.

I also explored Theta Healing Techniques, which supported my mastery in reading energy in the body. I completed The Klemmer and Associates Corporate Leadership Training, including The Personal Mastery Program, Advanced Leadership and Heart.

I worked with Allison Armstrong at The PAX Mastery and Leadership Program in Los Angeles, which helped me become an expert in the mechanics of relationships, both personal and business.

All these programs contributed added dimensions to my observations in life. Armed with illuminated perspectives and renewed certainty, I once again could trust what I saw and felt.

Today, this certainty and understanding allow me to excel at the work I do. My awareness is the catalyst that opens space for healing and movement for my clients.

It forms the backbone of my neutrality, the ability I have to separate myself from my clients’ emotional overlays and observe the mechanics of what is truly happening for them.

I can communicate with the unique higher Self of each client, speaking exactly what wants to be conveyed to provide next steps. This gift supports my passion to move women from self-doubt to confidence by validating their spiritual journey through a shifting world.

While it is widely recognized that many emotions and needs drive the physical body, the pursuit of experience in the school of life is what drives spirit. Spirit pursues growth, and spirit only grows when validated.

If you are interested in knowing more, I look forward to talking with you.