The Simple Secrets to Achieving Your Goals

February 10, 2015

Simple Secrets to Achieving Goals

Quantum physics has essentially confirmed that everything is connected. Yes, in a real sense, we are all one. Let’s look at a perspective of this truth that supports us in keeping our lives simple and productive.

We are creative beings, and, as such, we want to express our creativity. It’s not surprising then that most of us have things we want to create.

It might be to manifest more money, support our health, change our career, get more rest, have more fun or all this and more.

Our lists are as limitless as our creative nature. In addition, life may add more to our lists than we ever counted on or wanted. When we consider all the things we want/have to do, the energy of it all may become overwhelming.

A helpful perspective here is that if we focus our attention on one item on the list that we are really drawn to change, it will create a shift that causes all the other items to adjust.

Everything is connected, and enthusiastic attention is powerful and creates momentum. The linear part of our mind doesn’t always understand this.

In fact, the mind may argue with us that the items on the list are separate and have nothing to do with each other. But physics tells us otherwise. Everything is connected. I have observed my clients changing one picture or belief, and the configuration of their entire electro-magnetic field changes immediately.

I ran my own experiment with this perspective. When checking my own list, I was intuitively drawn to getting more rest by going to bed earlier.

I couldn’t think how this would make any difference to the other items on my list. In fact, my mind told me that it would be counter productive, and I would get less done. My plan was to be in bed by 10PM nightly for a month.

After only twelve days, I noticed I was clearer headed, not snacking mindlessly, had more energy and was way more productive in my day.

I was sleeping more soundly and fell asleep easily. To my surprise when I checked my full list of other items at the end of the month, many of the items on it had already been addressed or resolved without my attention.

You may have to rattle your beliefs a bit to get your head around this, but I am suggesting that you can put your attention on one area or item on your list that you are enthusiastically and intuitively drawn to change.

Focus your attention on shifting that one area. As you do this, notice out of the corner of your eye as other things on your list start to move and/or resolve with little to no effort from you.

Here’s to a simpler, happy life!