How to Direct Your Most Powerful Creative Tool

October 28, 2015

Powerful creative tool
Have you ever noticed how whatever you put your attention on seems to grow in magnitude? I have observed this to be true.

As the accompanying flowers portray, your untapped attention mimics a bud waiting to bloom. When you focus your attention, it blossoms into full expression.

Is your attention really that powerful and how can you tell this is so?

It’s pretty simple!

Everyone wants it!

From babies, family and friends, to teachers, the media and advertisers, your attention is what they’re after.

If something grabs your attention, there’s a good chance that your time, money and support will follow.

I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and feel into the many things that are clamoring for your attention.

You might include your thoughts and worries too. How many of these are externally driven? How many of them are internal?

Our culture trains you to put your attention outside of yourself. How can you direct more of it into and onto your goals?

The simple truth is awareness.

Here are a few tips that will help you follow your attention and promote awareness:

Put up post-its saying, “Where is your attention going”? Place them on your computer, bathroom mirror, in the car and so on. As you read them, simply notice without judgment where your attention has been.

Make a list of two or three tasks you want to complete in your day. Keep them visible, and focus on them. Reward yourself for completing any of them!

Get enough sleep. This makes such a difference in the your perspective and actions!

Eat lightly. Much of our energy goes into digestion. When you do, notice whether there is an impact on your ability to focus?

Keep a nightly journal, being mindful of where, with whom and how you are cultivating awareness. Then create your list of two or three goals worthy of your attention for the next day. Remember to keep it simple and realistic.

Sit quietly for a few minutes or meditate. Watch where your attention goes, and call it back to yourself when you notice it is no longer focused productively.

By becoming aware, you break patterns and have more of your energy for yourself.

Be patient!

Reprogramming neural pathways takes time! Let your awareness do the work and experience real change.