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Terrie Burns Energy Reading


I’ve had my fair share of anxiety and uncertainty in life.

Based on these experiences and those of others, I feel confident saying that no one savors feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious or caught in the disconnection and isolation that happens when energy isn’t moving.

And yet, that pain is telling you something. It’s your body’s signal that something wants to shift.

Of course, most of us have been trained to turn this pain over to the mind, which goes into overdrive to find a solution. But, frankly, if your mind could have figured it out, it would have done so long ago.

The cause of pain often lies beyond the mind, in the subconscious or cellular memory.

Nothing is random. There are reasons for your every creation, even pain. There is always something there to be learned.

So how can you move the pain if you’re not able to identify (recognize) the cause and ease your mind?

Awareness is the catalyst for movement. Period!

It moves energy, including stuck energy. In an energy reading with me, you illuminate the stuck areas. I place my awareness in these spaces, creating movement and communication.

This communication is always highly personal and unique to you. It comes through clearly so you can understand and relax with it, which is at the core of letting go.

What to Expect

Your reading begins as you sit quietly in person or by phone. I then ask for your name to call in your energy.

I have an internal screen, much like a computer screen, that sits in my awareness, just beyond my eyes. As I focus on your name, an energetic image or picture appears on my screen. That image represents the information that wants to be known, but is not within reach of your mind.

I describe the image to you, including the shapes, colors, movement and intensity.

As I observe the image, the information in it translates itself to me. I go straight to the heart of the matter, the underlying foundational truth of the unknown. Learning about this helps you understand why life is unfolding as it is.

Once your mind understands, it lets go and your body begins to relax, allowing your energy to move more freely.

As this happens, you open to the bigger picture, ground yourself and create space for expanded awareness. You literally get out of your own way!

The overall goal for my readings is for you to live in the fullness of yourself. As you experience more relaxation and comfort in your body, you sense being fully present. You gain the ability to vibrate in your own resonance, where the ability to access your information and make decisions resides.

I look forward to working with you.

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Your sessions can be recorded, so you can revisit them to expand your understanding and awareness. A one-hour session is $175, and packages of three sessions are available for $450.