Terrie’s spiritual touch of seeing and moving energy is deep and intense.

Her communicating and relating style is calm and gentle, activating my creative spark.

I like having a role model for power, freedom and a magical, spiritual outlook. It’s fun!

Greer S.Santa Rosa, CA

Terrie Burns is an extremely gifted clairvoyant, healer and teacher — I have known her since 1990 and she is always kind, considerate and professional.

I would recommend Terrie to anyone who would like spiritual growth and healing.

Dawn S.Pacifica, CA

Terrie Burns is an exceptionally gifted warm-hearted and wise woman who lives up to her title of “Spiritual Catalyst”.

My sessions with Terrie are a journey into the territory of my soul. Her powerful intuitive insights offer a compass for my future career travels and a remarkable road map for my most important intimate relationships.

I recommend Terrie highly as a guide for your deepest question and for realizing your highest potential.

Terrie’s ability to read energy and help you move beyond blocks and challenges is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself when you are ready to expand exponentially on your life’s journey.

Pamela G.Ontario, Canada

I’ve been working with Terrie for several years for clarity and growth. She truly gets things moving and facilitates clarity, wisdom, intuitive openings and a solid new perspective. When I am having feelings of doubt, find myself locked up with insecurities and am unable to see or feel how to solve what is before me, I call Terrie. With Terrie’s support and wisdom, I become aware of opportunities that were hidden in my fears. After a session with Terrie, I feel calm, recharged and ready to take my next steps. I have and will continue to recommend Terrie as a talented catalyst for getting things moving!

Wendy S.Sacramento, CA

I’ve had several readings with Terrie, and I’m always in awe of, not only her accuracy, but also her ability to translate what she receives in words that help you ‘GET IT’.

Indeed she is a catalyst for growth on such a profound level, and anyone who gets the blessing of receiving her gifts will most likely have a transformational experience.

She has taken intuitive and life coaching to a whole new level through her compassionate nature and her ability to perceive and receive on such deep levels of consciousness and awareness, which equates to deep wisdom.

I simply describe Terrie as “clear” as she doesn’t beat around the bush, but calls it as she sees it while keeping a flowing heart resonance.

Many family and friends have received readings/healings from Terrie, and they feel as I do… seen, empowered and transformed.

Patricia S.Kentfield, CA

Terrie is the best intuitive healer that I’ve ever experienced.

One session with her is equivalent of years of therapy.

She has an amazing ability to see and communicate the soul’s overall journey and life lessons.

Joan E.Mill Valley, CA