I was honored to receive a Clairvoyant Intuitive/Energy Reading with Terrie Burns, and was amazed by how accurate her insights were to my current circumstances. With little more than knowledge of my name, she was able to speak volumes as to where I have been in the past, and more importantly, the exciting future that lies ahead for me!

I took 5 pages of notes, and was pleased to receive the recording of our session within minutes of its completion via e-mail. I feel clearer in my own path as a result of our work together, and would highly recommend Terrie as a very skilled professional in her field.

Audrey F.Santa Rosa, CA

Terrie’s process is artful and accurate.

She focuses on the heart of the matter and brings light to cloudy issues. For over a decade she’s helped me to see challenges with clarity and confidence.

I trust her.

Susan R.Fairfax, CA

After my recent reading with Terrie, I was left refreshed, relaxed and inspired. I wanted to see through the fog but was too attached to my own outcomes. It calmed my heart to have her outside perspective.

Terrie goes right to the source, no holding back, which lets you know how you are doing, where you are going, and allows you to get out of your own way.

Terrie has a clear gift of sight and knows how to interpret what she sees to her clients. You will get insight, unstuck, cared for and clear direction from her readings!

Cindy J.Santa Rosa, California

I am so grateful to have met Terrie! In the reading I had with her, I felt she could see me from all angles-past, present future and most importantly, from the soul level.

I came away with an understanding of my own uniqueness and purpose in this lifetime. I also experienced some immediate, positive changes in my life, as if some of the reading had moved some stagnant energy.

In fact, I had made so many changes, I called Terrie for another reading! I was amazed at how she was able to give me insights into the situations I was in and at how these insights helped me to immediately change some lifelong dynamics with others in my life.

I found Terrie through a friend of mine who suddenly seemed so visibly peaceful and confident that I asked her what she was doing differently.

She credited her reading with Terrie and told me she had gotten Terrie’s number in the same way! I have since recommended Terrie to several friends who have had the same feeling- not only are the readings very informative, it seems a reading with Terrie brings not only insight, but immediate change in a very positive direction.

Leslie H.San Rafael, California

I love the level at which Terrie works. She gave me an energetic reading that was compassionate, clear and accurate.

Then she advised on what to do to bring my goals to me with ease and grace rather than effort and hard work.

Bottom line, I felt confirmation that my deepest desire was on its way and so I can trust the process and relax into my life, knowing I am and will be OK.

What a gift! If this sounds appealing, you’ll be in the best of hands.

Judy C.Napa, California

Terrie’s work is highly recommended for personal validation and recognition of one’s purpose in life.

Jennifer R.Sausalito, California

I have been wanting to have a session with Terrie ever since my business partner had her session her over a year ago. As the saying goes – timing is everything and the time came a few weeks ago.

Terrie gave me insight into what is going on in my life, and I was able to interpret some events to learn from them.

My daughter also had a session and it has helped her immensely.

I will continue to recommend Terrie in the future.

Karen S.Novato, California

I have known Terrie for many years and have always admired the clarity with which she reads from. The intuitive reading I received was very validating.

I felt seen, understood and uplifted by her encouraging and supportive words. It was a relief and comfort to have accurate words put to what I had been feeling.

I left her office feeling much clearer about my path, ready to move forward with a great deal of confidence and certainty.

What a joy to have such a gifted seer in our MPWN group! I look forward to working with Terrie again.”

Kimberly S.Corte Madera, California

Terrie zeros in on the powerful part of you that controls and directs your life and allows it to communicate directly to you about what you’re up to and why.

It’s illuminating, validating and amazingly freeing!

Nancy D.Tulsa, OK

Terrie is an unusual Coach in that she converses with your Higher Self where your truth lies.

Her conversation conveys unconscious directions that all seems like just a friendly conversation… that day.

Until the following day, somehow your problems seem to effortlessly start shifting; blocked energy has begun to flow again.

It is always a delight to interact with Terrie and notice the unexpected positive results after a session.

Suni (Susan) N.Palo Alto, California